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The Siebengebirge - Seven Mountains in the Middle Rhine Valley

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The Rhine Dragon offers information on the Siebengebirge: nature reserve, history, legends

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Welcome to the Seven Mountains

Welcome to the Siebengebirge! Our region is located on the northern end of the Middle Rhine Valley. For many people, the narrow valley with its steeps, vineyards and numerous castles is the classical Rhine landscape par excellence, and the epitome of the romantic Rhine. Also the Seven Mountains Nature Park has its romantic sites, its wine, its legends and above all its beautiful natural landscape. But our region has experienced over the course of its eventful history, hard times, often enough, the Rhine was the frontier, and many people have left their homeland because they were suffering great hardship or persecution.

We will look into all that. Of course, I can only show you a small part and hope that I can get you in the mood for a hike through the Seven Mountains. Or maybe you just get an idea of the region where your ancestors are from, and you might like to read my emigrants' story "At Home at the Rhine and in America". I'm at home here, and I'm glad when I catch once in a while a few words from other hikers in another language. For today, the Rhine flows right through a united Europe, and that is great.

Cologne cathedraleFloodlights of the Cologne cathedral being switched off in protest against Pegida march on January 5, 2015.

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