Frankish gravestone, found in Niederdollendorf
Middle Ages

Early Middle Ages, Frankish Empire

At the beginning of the 5th century, two groups of Franks had emerged: the Salian Franks lived at Tournai, Cambrai and Arras, today’s Belgium and northern France, back then in the area of the Western Roman Empire. As allies (foederati) they fought in the Roman army. The Ripuarian Franken on […]

Wolkenburg and a scratch of the medieval castle on top (collage)
Middle Ages

Ottonian and Salian dynasties

We start with the High Middle Ages in 925, when the Rhineland, disputed for a long time between the Western and Eastern Frankish kingdom, became part of the East Frankish kingdom for good. Saxon “Ottonian” Dynasty At that time ruled the Saxon Duke Henry I, the first non-Frank on the […]

Caesarius of Heisterbach is our chronist
Middle Ages

Hohenstaufen dynasty

The Rhineland in the High Middle Ages. Above, you see from the left to the right: Otto IV’s coat of arms, Henry VI, Philip of Swabia in the fornt of the medieval ruin Löwenburg, the medieval choir run of Heisterbach, Frederick II and Richard I Lionheart. The archbishops of Cologne […]

Town gate, city coats of arms Königswinter and Bad Honnef
Middle Ages

Late Middle Ages

The Rhineland aroung 1250. After the death of Count Heinrich III von Sayn in 1246/47, the power position of the Counts of Sayn got lost. Within a few years, the Löwenburg Castle fell to the Lords of Sponheim and Heinsberg. In 1271 Johann, a younger Heinsberg son, inherited the Löwenburg, he […]