German Revolution, Berlin November 1918
20th Century

German Revolution

Germany, October 1918. The war was lost, and the military High Command had informed Emperor William II that there was no more hope, and urged him to ask for an armistice on the basis of US President Wilson’s “Fourteen Points”. As it was clear that Wilson would not negotiate with the […]

Wilhelm II, Rhine alley Königswinter
German Reich

Wilhemine Era

Germany around 1900. Above you see an officer with a ‘Pickelhaube’ in front of the imperial residence New Palace in Sanssouci Park, Potsdam. For many people, life was good. The decades between the founding of the Empire and World War I are also referred to as “Belle Epoque”. It was […]

Cog train to Mount Drachenfels, Drachenburg, Cologne Cathedral
German Reich

Bismarck Era

>Germany, 1871. Germany was united, and a deeply-felt wish of many people had been fulfilled. However, 10 million Austrian Germans lived outside the Empire, and now Prussia’s dominance was overwhelming: it was by far the biggest state, had the largest army, the crown was hereditary within the Hohenzollern dynasty, and the […]