Möschbach in Rommersdorf, Bad Honnef
Annatal and Tretschbachtal

Trailhead Rommersdorf

Bad Honnef – Rommersdorf is a good trailhead to discover the Siebengebirge, hiking trails through the valleys Annatal and Tretschbachtal. This is the southern, humid corner of the Siebengebirge. A charming winegrower village Our hike begins at the end of Bad Honnef-Rommersdorf. Enjoy your stay! Rommerdorf is a charming old […]

Annatal Valley
Annatal and Tretschbachtal


After leaving the beautiful neighborhood of Bad Honnef-Rommersdorf, you enter the perhaps the most picturesque corner of the Siebengebirge, the humid valleys Annatal and Tretschbachtal.

Tretschbachtal Valley, Siebengebirge, Bad Honnef
Annatal and Tretschbachtal


Do you like wild romantic sceneries? Then the Tretschbachtal, one of the most beautiful valleys in the Seven Mountains Nature Park, is definitely the right trail for you.