Heisterbach, Siebengebirge, the gate into the woods
Heisterbach, the gate into the woods

There are many legends and fairy tales of the Rhine and the Siebengebirge, some of which you will find here: traditional ones that have been told for many years, free versions of an old theme and also completely new fairy tales.

Dragons and dragon tales

Dragon lady BrannThe Siebengebirge is dragon country. Some legends tell us about dragons – eerie, malicious creatures that devour humans, blow up ships and generally rejoice in misery of others. There is the legend of the Christian virgin who was to be sacrificed to a hideous dragon dwelling in a cave on the mountain.
And then, of course, there is the legend of Siegfried, the dragon slayer. But these legends do the dragons unjust. Meet our dragons: The Malignant Dragon, The Dragon Lady of Drachenfels, Christmas on the Drachenfels, The Spook from the Basement, The Fiery Man of Lohrberg, The Reclused of Nonnenstromberg, Necessity is the Mother of Invention, The Earth Dragons, The Haunted House.

Middle Ages

Siebengebirge tales: The Maiden of LöwenburgIn the Siebengebirge, you can visit three medieval castles ruins in one day – Drachenfels Castle,Löwenburg Castle and Rosenau Castle. So it is obvious that many legends are set in the Middle Ages. During the time of the crusades. Many knights left their families and friends to re-conquer Jerusalem, leaving their families and friends behind.
Hedwig of Wolkenburg, Liba of Ölberg, The Reclused on Nonnenstromberg, The Maiden of Löwenburg, The Maiden of Rosenau, Sir Mauzibauz, The Count of Geisberg, Christmas on the Drachenfels

Somewhere in the Siebengebirge

The dwarfsThen there are many tales that cannot be directly assigned to a theme and are set “somewhere in the Siebengebirge”: The Hermit on the Froschberg, The Treasure of Rosenau, The Dwarfs, How the Monastery of Heisterbach was founded.

Old and new fairy tales

Among the traditional legends are The Seven Giants, Liba of Ölberg, Hedwig of Wolkenburg, The Malignant Dragon, The Maiden of Löwenburg and of course The Monk of Heisterbach. Also the Roland saga takes place in our region.

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