There are many legends and fairy tales of the Rhine and the Siebengebirge, some of which you will find here: traditional ones that have been told for many years, free versions of an old theme and also completely new fairy tales.

Old and new fairy tales

Among the traditional legends are The Seven Giants, Liba of Ölberg, Hedwig of Wolkenburg, The Malignant Dragon, The Maiden of Löwenburg and of course The Monk of Heisterbach. Also the Roland saga takes place in our region.

Dragons and dragon tales

The Siebengebirge is dragon country. Dragons had a long time bad press in Europe, and often we still use “dragons” for an unpleasant person. But with this we do the dragons an injustice.

Middle Ages

In an area with three castles at once, it is obvious that many legends are set in the Middle Ages.

Somewhere in the Siebengebirge

Then there are many fairy tales that cannot be directly assigned to a theme and are set “somewhere in the Siebengebirge”.

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