Löwenburg meadow

Löwenburg meadow
Löwenburg meadow

Here we are at the meadow below the forest restaurant Löwenburger Hof. This is a bit of a crossroads, several hiking trails from the valley into the hills meet here.

For instance the hiking trail from Bad Honnef-Rommerdorf through the valleys Annatal or Tretschbachtal arrive here, as well as to the circular trail around the Löwenburg, or from the Schmelztal through the Einsiedlertal.

If you don’t have that much time, Königswinter-Margarethenhöhe is a good starting point. There is a large car park and a stop for bus line 521. Follow Löwenburgstraße into the nature reserve, turn onto Lohrbergrundweg and keep right. On the way there are wonderful views of the Mount of Olives, then Petersberg and Nonnenstromberg, then comes the Drei-Seen-Blick viewpoint. From there you can already see the castle ruins. After that it goes still around a few corners, then already the forest restaurant Löwenburger Hof comes. A little further on, the path goes up to the right to the castle ruins.

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