Names Guide

Names Guide
Literal translation does not always work

It seems that there is no rule on how to use the names of cities, mountains and valleys of the world, even with languages as close as German and English. We all say “New York” and “Chesapeake Bay”, but on the other hand we rather say “Themse” than “Thames”. In the Internet, you find the German name “Siebengebirge” as well as the English version “Seven Mountains”. The mountains, actually they are hills, are known by their German name. Nonetheless, it might interest you what they mean.

Names in German and English – and how we use them here

Masculine in German, Dragon Rock.

Neutral in German, the Hermit Valley.

Feminine in German, lion castle, or better: castle as strong as lions.

Masculine in German, mountain with a planted meadow, a medieval name.

Neutral in German, the Nightingale Valley.

Masculine in German, mountain less high than Stromberg, Mt. Petersberg’s early medieval name

Masculine in German, seems to be Mount of Olives, but it goes back to its the medieval name.

Masculine in German, Mount St. Peter.

Feminine in German, Roses meadow, but it goes back to the medieval name Rosenouwe.

Feminine in German, Cloud castle, or better: castle so high that it touches the clouds.

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