Seven++ Mountains

Welcome to the Siebengebirge! On the following pages, you can visit the seven most famous hills which gave the Siebengebirge its German name, translated “Seven Mountains”: Mount Drachenfels with the medieval castle ruin, Mount Wolkenburg, Mount Petersberg with the hotel, Mount Nonnenstromberg, the highest mountain of all, Mount Ölberg, Mount Lohrberg and Mount Löwenburg with another medieval castle ruin. Of course, it is exaggerated to speak of “Mount ..”, the Seven Mountains are hills, but it might help distinguishing the mountains from the medieval castles of the same name.

Although we speak of the “Seven Mountains”, in reality there are around 40 hills, and there are more beautiful sites to see, for instance the monastery of Heisterbach, the Nightingale Valley (Nachtigallental in German) and the Rosenau mountain with yet another medieval castle ruin. In addition to the broad hiking trails through the Seven Mountains, we also find narrow paths and places where you can forget everyday life – almost enchanted places in the forest, where you still feel the magic of dwarves and dragons.

For better orientation, there is a Google Map of Königswinter and Bad Honnef and a map of the mountains and valleys, the links are in the footer below.

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