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Your guide, a merry drago
Your guide, a merry dragon

When you set out to discover the Seven Mountains, you might find it helpful to know about more about all these German names and data.

For instance, what does “Nonnenstromberg” mean? Is it really the “Nuns electricity mountain”, as online automatic translators put it? The Names Guide explains the German names of the mountains. As the history of our region is also a bit German and European history, the History Guide you some corresponding dates from England, Ireland and the United States. I know that there are much more dates from Anglophone countries, more than I could mention to do everybody right. I have limited it to a couple of dates that relevant to better understand the history chapters and my emigrants’ story “At home at the Rhine and in America”.

Moreover, there are practical hints: How to get here, a Google map, and useful links: long distance hiking trails, shipping lines, museums, restaurants.

Our charming guide is a dragon, a merry dragon to be exact. You can meet him again in my emigrants’ story “At Home at the Rhine and in America”; a country inn is named after him.

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