Annatal Valley
Annatal Valley

After leaving the beautiful neighborhood of Bad Honnef-Rommersdorf, you enter the perhaps the most picturesque corner of the Siebengebirge, the humid valleys Annatal and Tretschbachtal.

Both ways take you up towards the loop trail around Mount Lohrberg and Mount Löwenburg.

In the photo you see the entrance to the Annatal with the little wooden bridge, and behind it already the “Römerquelle”. That translates to Romans’ fountain. Yet, the Romans did not built it. In 1847, Hubert Schaaffhausen, a well-known manufacturer from Bad Honnef, needed water for his villa. Perhaps you have seen the Schaafhausen villa on the way. Even more famous is his son Hermann, the anthropologist and co-founder of the Rheinische Landesmuseum.

On a narrow path, you continue up to a fork at Anna-Schutzhütte. Here the way parts: you can walk further up the Annatal valley, turn into the Tretschbachtal valley, or take one of the other paths.

Farther up in the Annatal valley, you will pass ponds and pools. Once the villagers impounded Möschbach creek to obtain ponds for fish breeding. Today they are the habitat of dragonflies, butterflies and amphibians. Horsetails grow here; they were among the first plants to appear on earth billions of years ago. Hikers can rest in a particularly picturesque refuge.

Therefore, just a few minutes’ walk from the houses and streets, we have a small piece of paradise waiting for us.

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