Loop hiking trail
Loop hiking trail

I love Mount Lohrberg, Siebengebirge. Just walk along the loop hiking trail, sit down on a bench and enjoy the fantastic views. If you have come to rekindle with nature and enjoy great views, you will certainly love Mount Lohrberg, too.

Agreed, his “neighbors” Löwenburg and Ölberg, are better known, and there is neither a castle ruin nor a hotel here. But the Lohrberg has its very own magic.

Lohrberg and Löwenburg, from Petersberg
Lohrberg and Löwenburg, from Petersberg

Starting from Margarethenhöhe, where there is a bus stop and a big parking lot, you walk up Löwenburger Straße towards the nature park.

Forsthaus Lohrberg

At the end of the street, on your right, you will see Forsthaus Lohrberg (Forester’s House), the Nature Park House. In 1907, the Verschönerungsverein für das Siebengebirge (VVS) had it built. Today it is open to the public and hosts exhibitions on the Siebengebirge nature park: plants and animals, wilderness, geology, sites to see, vineyards, traditional orchards and much more.

Vierpoint Drei-Seen-Blick, Lohrberg
Vierpoint Drei-Seen-Blick, Lohrberg


Just a short ascent, and you are on the hiking trail around Mount Lohrberg. On your way along this loop trail, you come to an especially beautiful viewpoint with a refuge called Drei-Seen-Blick. Sit down on a bench and enjoy the view across the mountains Drachenfels, Wolkenburg, Breiberg, the Rhine Valley and onto the left bank. You can also see Mount Löwenburg with the medieval castle ruin on top. It is a wonderful spot in the Siebengebirge.

A bit of geology

Mount Lohrberg is one of the seven eponymous mountains in the Siebengebirge. It is 435 m high and consists of trachyte. To clarify, geologically it is the “Lohrberg-Massif” because the mountain and the surrounding hills Trenkeberg (422 m), Scheerkopf (373 m), Merkenshöhe, Erpenstalkopf, Brandelhardt and Userottsknippchen go together.

If you follow the hiking trail further on, you will come to a large meadow below the restaurant Löwenburger Hof.

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