Wolkenburg, Siebengebirge, Königswinter

It is said that Mount Wolkenburg (“Castle of the Clouds”) was once the highest mountain of all. But over centuries it was used as a quarry, and so its original shape got lost. There is nothing left of the medieval castle either. And yet, in the Middle Ages the castle with the Archbishop’s “Authority of Wolkenburg” must have been one of the most powerful on river Rhine.

The Wolkenburg castle was built in 1118 by Friedrich I. von Schwarzenberg, Archbishop of Cologne (1108-1131). In 1146, on the eve of the second crusade when once again the Jews were persecuted, he offered the Jews from Cologne shelter on the Wolkenburg. In the 16th Century the castle was abandoned and fell apart. Today we have no more castle ruin, but we have wonderful hiking trails around the Wolkenburg. Enjoy!

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