In the Mirbesbach Valley

Refuge at Froschberg
Refuge at Froschberg

If you walk on the Rheinsteig hiking trail, the routes from Petersberg to Geisberg takes you through Mirbesbach Valley, Siebengebirge.

On the way from Mount Petersberg you cross the pedestrian bridge over the L331 country road  and then climb onto Mount Geisberg.

Thereafter, on your way down direction Königswinter, you pass the restaurant Milchhäuschen where you can enjoy regional dishes without breaking the bank.

With all the traffic, you might forget that you are in the Mirbesbach valley. The Mirbesbach is the longest of the mountain streams in the Königswinter area. From its source south of the Margarethenhöhe it flows downhill, along the hills Wasserfall, Froschberg, Remscheid and Kutzenberg on the right side (from above) and the hills Heideschottberg, Linnhöckchen and Ofenkaul on the left. These hills on both sides are less well-known, but beautiful hiking areas.

Halfway down, it changes to the other side of the road towards Wintermühlenhof estate, where it is dammed up in ponds. In former times mills were run there. Finally, Mirbesbach creek reaches Königswinter-city at Petersberger Bittweg street. From here the creek goes underground into the Rhine.

I love this little creek very much. That is why we find Mirbesbach Siebengebirge in the emigration story “At home on the Rhine and in America“. The inn of our emigrants, the “Merry Dragon”, is in Mirbi Creek Street in Pennsylvania, USA.  And “Mirbi Creek” is an American version of “Mirbesbach”. People, actions, and Mirbi Creek Street are pure fiction, though.

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