Bad Honnef-Rhöndorf, chapel, Rhöndorf Siebengebirge hiking
Rhöndorf and Breiberg

Trailhead Rhöndorf

Bad Honnef – Rhöndorf on the Rhine is a good trailhead to discover the Siebengebirge, hiking trails take you to Mount Breiberg and farther up into the nature park. It is a charming town on the Rhine.

Shelter at Mount Breiberg
Rhöndorf and Breiberg


Hiking at Breiberg is wonderful. Actually, there are two mountains of that name, Großer (312,9 m high) and Kleiner Breiberg (288 m high). In the past, the Großer Breiberg was also called Breiberich or perhaps Briberich, which fits well because according to legend, dwarves had settled here. The third stage of the long-distance hiking trail Rheinsteig from Rhöndorf to Bad […]