Coblenz, Friedrich Wilhelm IV, Heine
Kingdom of Prussia and German Reich

Prussian Rhineland

The Prussians on the Rhine? What business did they have here? Well, their King Frederick William III may have asked himself the same question when the Congress of Vienna in 1814/1815 granted him the Rhineland and Westphalia. Yet, the Kingdom of Prussia saved our Drachenfels.

Carl Schurz and Siebengebirge, 1849
Kingdom of Prussia and German Reich

Carl Schurz, German-American

It was the evening of May 10, 1849 in Bonn. The young Carl Schurz, a student at Bonn University, said good-bye to his family and his home, to join the revolutionary democratic forces in a desperate attempt to save the achievements of the revolution 1848/49.

Kingdom of Prussia and German Reich

Prussian Rhine Province

The Rhineland around 1815. After the victory over Napoleon, the whole of the Rhineland, Westphalia, and some other territories had fallen to Prussia, so also the Seven Mountains now belonged to the State of Prussia under King Frederick William III (in German Friedrich Wilhelm III. (1797-1840).

Kingdom of Prussia and German Reich

Revolution 1848

Germany, 1848.  The great social need and pent-up anger against the restoration policy finally erupted in the March revolution. The news from Paris spread quickly, and already in the first days of March uprisings occurred in Germany.

Wilhelm's castle in Potsdam-Babelsberg
Kingdom of Prussia and German Reich

From Revolution to Unification

Germany, 1849. The revolution had failed. The National Assembly was forced to dissolve in 1849, Prussian troops under Prince William had crushed the second revolutionary wave in Baden and the Palatinate, many democrats had emigrated.

Cog train to Mount Drachenfels, Drachenburg, Cologne Cathedral
Kingdom of Prussia and German Reich

Bismarck Era

Germany, 1871. Germany was united, and a deeply-felt wish of many people had been fulfilled. However, 10 million Austrian Germans lived outside the Empire, and now Prussia’s dominance was overwhelming.

Wilhelm II, Rhine alley Königswinter
Kingdom of Prussia and German Reich

Wilhelmine Era

Germany around 1900. For many people, life was good. The decades between the founding of the Empire and World War I are also referred to as “Belle Epoque”.