Heisterbach Abbey, gate
Heisterbach Abbey and surroundings

Trailhead Oberdollendorf

The second stage of the Rheinsteig hiking trail leads from the village of Königswinter-Oberdollendorf through the Mühlental valley to Heisterbach Abbey. Let us have a look around. With its crooked streets, the beautiful half-timbered houses and of course the wine restaurants, Oberdollendorf is a town for connoisseurs.

Heisterbach Abbey, choir of the medieval church
Heisterbach Abbey and surroundings

Heisterbach Abbey

On the way from Königswinter-Oberdollendorf to Heisterbacherrott, you will see the abbey’s baroque portal already from afar. Shortly afterwards, you see the famous choir ruin. It is all that has remained of the medieval abbey church.

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Heisterbach Abbey and surroundings


Not much has remained of Mount Stenzelberg. Already in the Middle Ages the Cistercian monks of Heisterbachgained stones there to build their enormous abbey church. For centuries the quarry continued, even after 1908, when the quarries on Mount Petersberg were closed.

Weilberg, Siebengebirge, Königswinter
Heisterbach Abbey and surroundings


Here we are in front of the abandoned quarry at Mount Weilberg, close to Heisterbach Abbey at the L268 country road. On the signpost leading from the parking lot “Im Mantel” to the abandoned quarry you read “Geologischer Aufschluss” (geological outcrop).