Shelter at Mount Breiberg
Shelter at Mount Breiberg

On the third stage of the long-distance hiking trail Rhinesteig from Rhöndorf to Bad Honnef you come to this corner of the Siebengebirge.

These fotos were taken on the hiking trail “Over the Breiberge mountains to Königswinter”. From the meadow below the restaurant Löwenburger Hof, a broad path leads to Bad Honnef. There are a few more bends, and then the signpost “Breiberge” appears on the right-hand side.

The narrow footpath goes up and down, past the Ölender hill to the refuge and further up to the viewpont From Mount Breiberg you have a particularly beautiful view on Mount Drachenfels and Mount Wolkenburg. Please be careful, because after heavy rain, the trails are very slippery.

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