Shelter at Mount Breiberg
Shelter at Mount Breiberg

Hiking at Breiberg is wonderful. Actually, there are two mountains of that name, Großer (312,9 m high) and Kleiner Breiberg (288 m high). In the past, the Großer Breiberg was also called Breiberich or perhaps Briberich, which fits well because according to legend, dwarves had settled here. The third stage of the long-distance hiking trail Rheinsteig from Rhöndorf to Bad Honnef take you to Mount Breiberg in the Siebengebirge.

From the meadow below the restaurant Löwenburger Hof, a broad path leads to Bad Honnef. There are a few more bends, and then the signpost “Breiberge” appears on the right-hand side.

Drachenfels and Wolkenburg from Breiberg
Drachenfels and Wolkenburg from Breiberg

From the Lohrberg looping trail to the Breiberg

There is a very nice hiking trail “Über die Breiberge” to Königswinter, also the Rheinsteig passes through here. From the top at the Löwenburg meadow, below the Waldhotel Löwenburger Hof, a wide path goes in the direction of Bad Honnef. It goes around another bend, and then the signpost “Breiberge” is already on the right side.

The narrow path is rather a trample path, it goes uphill and downhill, past the Ölender to the Breiberg refuge and further up to the lookout on top of the Breiberg. From here, you have a particularly beautiful view of the mountains Drachenfels and Wolkenburg. Just be careful, please, because if it has rained heavily, the trails are very slippery.

Way up from Rhöndorf

If you hike up, Rhöndorf is a good starting point, a really nice little town on the Rhine. Regional trains stop at Rhöndorf station, and right nearby is the stop for streetcar line 66 Bad Honnef – Siegburg. From there, walk along Löwenburgstraße in the direction of Ziepchensplatz at the intersection of Löwenburgstraße/Drachenfelsstraße.

A little further up Löwenburger Straße and to the right into Konrad-Adenauer-Straße you can make a detour to the former residence of Dr. Konrad Adenauer. Today, the Federal Chancellor Adenauer House Foundation has its headquarters there.

Löwenburgstraße leads further out towards the nature reserve, the Fonsbach flows to the left of the road. Finally, there is a fork, here the Löwenburgstraße goes all the way through to the forest cemetery, and along the forest path into the nature reserve, towards Breiberg and further up towards Löwenburg.

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