Nonnenstromberg, Siebengebirge, Königswinter
Untouched forerst

Mount Nonnenstromberg in the Siebengebirge (355 m) with the natural forest cell is a piece of paradise for nature lovers. It is one of the seven eponymous mountains.

Natural forest cell

Here we have something quite wonderful: natural forest, a natural forest cell to be precise. Here the native mixed beech mixed forest is left entirely to itself, the forestry does not intervene.

Today, when we have only few natural and alluvial forests left and the world seems to rush past us often enough, a walk through the natural forest will do us good. When I go for a walk around Nonnenstromberg in the Siebengebirge, I often feel like walking through a fairy forest, especially on foggy days.

Maybe the legendary Monk of Heisterbach, who had followed a bird’s voice deeper and deeper into the woods, had arrived at Nonnenstromberg? Nowhere else in the Seven Mountains you can hear the birds sing so beautifully as in the quietness and seclusion of the Nonnenstromberg.

A confusing name

Here we use the German names of the mountains and valleys. Nonetheless, it might interest you what they mean. For instance, what does “Nonnenstromberg” translate as? Is it really the “Nuns electricity mountain”, as online automatic translators suggest?

This name dates from the early Middle Age. Back then, Mount Petersberg nearby was known as “Stromberg”. Mount Nonnenstromberg was a bit lower, so the locals just said, “lower Stromberg” or in medieval German “Nonnenstromberg”. The German word for “nuns” is “Nonnen”. According to a legend, the name refers to two pious women who sought shelter there during the time of the crusades.

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