Nonnenstromberg, Siebengebirge, Königswinter
Untouched forerst

When I go for a walk to Mount Nonnenstromberg (335 m), I often feel like I was in a fairy forest, especially on foggy days. Maybe the legendary Monk of Heisterbach, who had followed a bird’s voice deeper and deeper into the woods, had arrived on the Nonnenstromberg? Nowhere else in the Seven Mountains you can hear the birds sing so beautifully as in the quietness and seclusion of the Nonnenstromberg.

This name dates from the early Middle Age, when the nearby Mount Petersberg was still called “Stromberg”. The Nonnenstromberg was a bit lower, and therefore it was called the “lower Stromberg”, or, in medieval German, the “Nonnenstromberg”. According to a legend, the name refers to two pious women (the German word for “nuns” is “Nonnen” who sought shelter there during the time of the crusades.

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