Medieval castle ruin
Medieval castle ruin

Coming from the hiking trail that goes all around Mount Ölberg (Ölbergringweg), a narrow, winding path takes you up to the ruins of the castle Rosenau. In the High Middle Ages a little castle stood here for a short time, but only little is known about it. Obviously it was built in great haste within a few years. Since 1222 Dietrich of Dorndorf, a lower aristocrat, called himself Dietrich Count of Rosenau. He died in 1243, and still in the same year his family sold the castle Rosenau to the nearby Monastery of Heisterbach, just to be torn down around 1250. The motives for that have remained in the dark until today.

What the historians leave in the dark, the bards light up in their own way. A legend tells us about a Maiden of Rosenau, who had been cursed in the Middle Ages and has been languishing beneath the soil ever since. When it is all quiet in the woods around the Rosenau, so the legend goes on, you can still her sighs. Other legends, however, tell us that this maiden was well able to help herself.

The Rosenau is one of my favorite places in the Seven Mountains. It is beautiful up here throughout the year.

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