Tretschbachtal Valley, Siebengebirge, Bad Honnef
Wooden bridge

Do you like wild romantic sceneries? Then the Tretschbachtal, one of the most beautiful valleys in the Seven Mountains Nature Park, is definitely the right trail for you. It takes you from the loop hiking trail around Mount Lohrberg high in the Seven Mountains to the city of Bad Honnef and Rhöndorf, a village that belongs to the city of Bad Honnef and its district Rhöndorf, or the other way round. Just take care and bring good shoes, because it is a small path.

Right at the meadow below the forest hotel Löwenburger Hof, a hiking trail begins, and there is a sign “Bad Honnef” and another one “Tretschbachtal”. Follow the trail for a while, around some curves, and you see a small sign “Tretschbachtal” on your right.

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