At the Rhine frontier
Napoleonic Era

French Era

This time has shaped our region, and Napoleon’s laws lasted long beyond his reign. In the Rhineland, the Napoleonic Code was in use until the introduction of the Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (civil code of Germany) in 1900.

High Middle Ages

Middle Ages

The castle ruins of Drachenfels, Löwenburg and Rosenau, Heisterbach Abbey and the ruins of the medieval church on Petersberg remind us of the High Middle Ages. Obviously, there is a lot to report from this era, the time of knights, minnesang, medieval castles and the crusades. The time of the […]

Wolkenburg and a scratch of the medieval castle on top (collage)
High Middle Ages

Ottonian and Salian dynasties

Rhineland, around 900. Our region was part of the medieval Duchy of Lorraine in the west of the East Francia. While the Capetians continued to reign in West Francia, they had died out in East Francia.

High Middle Ages

Hohenstaufen era

The medieval castle ruins on the mountains Drachenfels, Löwenburg and Rosenau, the church ruins on Mount Petersberg and of course Heisterbach Abbey remind us this time. We will meet famous men: Frederick Barbarossa, Henry VI, Richard I the Lionheart of England and his nephew Otto IV, and Frederick II.

High Middle Ages

Richard the Lionheart and Otto

As we have already said, the history of our region is also a bit German and European history. They met again when the Hohenstaufen dynasty ruled in the Holy Roman Empire, and Richard the Lionheart was king of England.

Coblenz, Friedrich Wilhelm IV, Heine
Kingdom of Prussia and German Reich

Prussian Rhineland

The Prussians on the Rhine? What business did they have here? Well, their King Frederick William III may have asked himself the same question when the Congress of Vienna in 1814/1815 granted him the Rhineland and Westphalia. Yet, the Kingdom of Prussia saved our Drachenfels.

Early Modern Age

Early modern period

This era has left deep marks on our region. You may get an idea when you visit the medieval ruins Drachenfels and Löwenburg, both destroyed during the Thirty Years’ war. Or when you walk along the “Petersberger Bittweg”, the ancient procession way from Königwinter city to the chapel on Mount […]

Town gate, city coats of arms Königswinter and Bad Honnef

Late Middle Ages

Also from the late Middle Ages there is much to report and above all to see. Large parts of Cologne Cathedral were built with stones from Mount Drachenfels; the coats of arms of the Siebengebirge towns Bad Honnef and Königswinter date back to the reigns of those times.

20th Century

The short 20th century

Now we have come to the last chapter in the history of our region, it covers the period from the Great War to the “Bonn years” of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Great war, gas attack, poppy
20th Century

The Great War

At the beginning of the 20th century, two blocks all armed to a maximum stood against each other. England, France and Russia („Triple Entente“) on one side, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy („Dreibund“) on the other. Austria-Hungary, the Habsburg Empire, the multi-ethnic-state, was quite an anachronism, and about to fall apart.