Refuge at Froschberg
Mirbesbach Valley

In the Mirbesbach Valley

If you walk on the Rheinsteig hiking trail, the routes from Petersberg to Geisberg takes you through Mirbesbach Valley, Siebengebirge. On the way from Mount Petersberg you cross the pedestrian bridge over the L331 country road  and then climb onto Mount Geisberg.

Shelter on top of Mount Geisberg, Siebengebirge, Königswinter
Mirbesbach Valley


Climbing Mount Geisberg in the Siebengebirge is worth your efforts, the view of the Ölberg and the Rhine rewards you.

Abandoned mine Ofenkaulen
Mirbesbach Valley


The Ofenkaulen are a tunnel system, former underground tuff quarries in the Siebengebirge. Today winter quarters for bats. When you are halfway up the L 331 motorway that leads from Königswinter to Ittenbach you see the driveway to Mount Petersberg on your left side and a bus station on your right side.