Medieval castle ruin Löwenburg, Siebengebirge, Bad Honnef
Löwenburg and Einsiedlertal


The Löwenburg, one of the “classic” seven mountains, is located in the city of Bad Honnef. You have to climb a bit at the end of the walk up Mount Löwenburg (455 m), but it’s worth all your efforts.

View from Ölberg, Siebengebirge, over Drachenfels
Wolkenburg, Drachenfels and Nachtigallental


Mount Drachenfels (321 m) certainly is the most famous hill in the Siebengebirge. It has inspired poets such as Lord Byron and Heinrich Heine and today it attracts countless visitors every year. The view across the Rhine Valley is amazing. The skyline of Drachenfels and Wolkenburg is a postcard motiv.

View from Ölberg, early morning
Mountains and Valleys

Hiking through the Siebengebirge

Welcome! Hiking through the Siebengebirge is inspiring in many ways. Enjoy the view from the Mount Ölberg in the morning when the mists clear, hear the birds sing in the lovely Nachtigallental (Nightingale Valley), ride on the Drachenfelsbahn to Mount Drachenfels and enjoy the view across the Rhine Valley, find […]

Ölberg, from Stenzelberg
Ölberg, Rosenau, Lohrberg


Mount Ölberg (468 m) is the highest of the Seven Mountains. When you come by car over the A3 Autobahn (motorway, interstate) or over the Kennedy bridge in Bonn, you see it already from far.

Einsiedlertal, Siebengebirge, Bad Honnef
Löwenburg and Einsiedlertal


In English, it would be “Hermits’ Valley”, and if you like wild romantic sceneries, you will enjoy this trail.

Shelter on top of Mount Geisberg, Siebengebirge, Königswinter
Mirbesbach Valley


Mount Geisberg is hidden beauty in the middle in the Seven Mountains.

Heisterbach Abbey, choir of the medieval church
Heisterbach Abbey and surroundings

Heisterbach Abbey

On the way from Königswinter-Oberdollendorf to Heisterbacherrott, you will see the abbey’s baroque portal already from afar. Shortly afterwards, you see the famous choir ruin. It is all that has remained of the medieval abbey church.

Ölberg, Rosenau, Lohrberg

Viewpoint Drei-Seen-Blick

As you see, this is an especially beautiful site at the Lohrberg, about 15-20 minutes walking distance from Margarethenhöhe – a good point in the hills to see the Lohrberg, Ölberg and Löwenburg. There is a bus station and a big parking lot, and right there is a big plan […]

Medieval castle ruin
Medieval castles


Mount Rosenau stands in the middle of the Siebengebirge between the mountains Nonnenstromberg and Ölberg. Coming on the hiking trail that goes all around Ölberg (Ölbergringweg), you will see the signpost “Aufstieg zur Rosenau”, ascent to Rosenau.

Abandoned mine Ofenkaulen
Mirbesbach Valley


When you are halfway up the L 331 motorway that leads from Königswinter to Ittenbach you see the driveway to Mount Petersberg on your left side and a bus station on your right side. Some meters below the bus station a narrow path takes you into the woods to the […]