View from Drachenfels over the Rhine and Nonnenwerth island, Siebengebirge, Königswinter, Bad Honnef
Scenic viewpoints

Viewpoint Drachenfels

Here we are on Mount Drachenfels. From the platform and the medieval castle ruin, you have a great view over the Rhine Valley and Nonnenwerth Island.

Christmas on the Drachenfels

Christmas on the Drachenfels

This legend takes place around the year 1200. Back them, many knights from the Rhineland taken the cross and followed Emperor Friedrich I. Barbarossa to Palestine. Some of them had not come back yet. “Please, Mylady, only one!” begged a bright voice. Brangwen, the Lady of the Drachenfels, looked up […]

Dragon lady Brann

The Dragon Lady of Drachenfels

It was at the beginning of the Middle Ages. The Roman Empire, that had long become unruleable, had broken down under the attack of the migration of the peoples. It was a time of turmoil, and the people lived in constant fear of being attacked by other tribes. Back then, […]



Mount Drachenfels (“Dragons’ Rock”, 321 m), surely the best known of the Seven Mountains that inspired poets such as Lord Byron and Heinrich Heine, welcomes you when you make a boat tour on River Rhine. You can visit the ruin of the medieval castle on top. If you don’t want […]