Shelter on top of Mount Geisberg, Siebengebirge, Königswinter


Mount Geisberg is hidden beauty in the middle in the Seven Mountains. If you follow the broad hiking trail from Königswinter to Margarethenhöhe, you get to Milchhäuschen” restaurant. Follow the trail for another small while until you see a small sign “Geisberg” on your right. You get on a dirt […]

The Count of Geisberg

The Count of Geisberg

The old Count of Wolkenburg had two sons: Rigobert and Guldenhard. Rigobert, the elder son and heir to the castle, had gone with other crusaders from the Rhineland to war in Palestine. During his absence, the younger son ran the castle’s business for their infirm father. But Guldenhard was an […]