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Sycamore maple
Sycamore maple

If the Seven Mountains were untouched nature, most likely the beeches would be predominant in the woods. Today, forestry has created mixed woods with 36% beeches, 18% oaks, 12% other deciduous trees, 3% robinias, 23% spruces and 8 % pines (source lanuv, North Rhine-Westphalia). On this page, you can see some of our local trees, but by far not all.

Where what kind of tree grows best depends on several factors, e.g. the soil conditions, height, proximity to water and others. In regions above 150 m, common oaks and hornbeam forests grow with many winter lime trees; in regions above 300 m, mountain oaks, beeches and European beeches. Also the maple tree belongs into the Seven Mountains Nature Park. The larch is actually a tree accustomed to much higher locations, their home are the high mountains, but now we find the larches also in lower regions.

On this page. you see some of our local trees that love a location close to the water. Today, most areas along the Rhine are land developed and cultivated by man, that means settlements designed by humans with promenades, shoreline parks, fields and meadows and more. Only a few remnants of the original riverside woodlands have remained, so on the Rhine island of Nonnenwerth or at the mouth of the rivers Ahr and the Sieg into the Rhine.

The photos “spruce” and “silver fir” are from the German Wikipedia, public domain section.

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