Did the dinosaurs know the Siebengebirge?

Dinosaur at Nassenplatz, Siebengebirge (collage). Dinosaurs Siebengebirge?
Dinosaur at Nassenplatz (collage)

The Siebengebirge is over 30 mio. years old. That is unimaginable for us, we are looking for clues. Did dinosaurs live in the Siebengebirge?

The Siebengebirge came into being about 30 millon years ago. 30 million years .. this age seems beyond human imagination, yet in the context of earth history it is just a moment. Diplodocus, whom you see in the collage above, lived about 155-145 million years ago in the Upper Jurassic. So: no, the dinosaurs did not know the Siebengebirge, they came and went long before the Siebengebirge came into being.

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