Hedwig of Wolkenburg

Medieval lady and knight
Medieval lady and knight

This traditional legend about Hedwig of Wolkenburg takes place in the time of the crusades. Many knights left their families and friends to re-conquer Jerusalem, leaving their families and friends behind.

Also Hedwig, the daughter of the Count of Wolkenburg, was separated from her fiancé Friedrich. They were in love and wanted to get married. So Hedwig waited patiently and trustfully for the return of her beloved Friedrich. One day, a stranger arrived at the Wolkenburg. Friedrich had sent him, to ensure his fiancée of his love and loyalty. When the stranger saw Hedwig, he fell in love with her and falsified his message, telling her that Friedrich had forsaken her and got married to another woman. Hedwig, however, refused to believe him, so great was her confidence in Friedrich, and she continued waiting for him.

Then some time later her dream came true: Friedrich returned home safe and sound. They were overjoyed to see each other again. The false friend ended up in the dungeon. However, he was fortunate, because on Hedwig’s wish, he was set free on their wedding day.

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