Necessity is the mother of invention


In this new fairy tale, dragon Jupp of Nonnenstromberg takes on fog in the Rhine valley and a failure of the street lamps. This legend takes place in the 1920s. After the war the country had just found a little peace.

Of course, a lot of things didn’t function and you had to improvise a lot, yet after a long time there had been wine festivals again, and now everybody was looking forward to Christmas. But then there was a giving out of unpleasant presents before we could get together under the tree. But let us hear the hero of the story, Jupp the dragon.

Back then, there was thick fog hanging over the valley. It was so thick that you could hardly make out anything. The children didn’t find their way to school, the adults didn’t find their way to work, and soon nobody dared to go out any more, not even the road service. A little later, the streetlights went out – and with that, nothing went any more.

I stood in front of my barn on Mount Nonnenstromberg, looked down on the valley and thought about it over and over. Without streetlights, people could not see anything, and because they could not see anything, they would not go out, and because they would not go out, the streetlights would not be repaired. No .. that did not get me anywhere. But then it dawned on me: I had to break this vicious circle and provide some emergency lighting. I already had an idea, it was a bit crazy, but it might work, and as said above, we were used to improvising. At any rate, “Jupp the red-nosed dragon” would not allow the fog to engulf the valley! Thought so, done so. My bright red nose helped me find my way down to the valley, it even shined through the thick fog. Down there, I walked down a main road and some children dared to go out and met me. I briefly explained my idea to them and then we got to work.

Although it was difficult under these conditions, with only my bright red nose for light, we made a row of snowmen along the road, and each of them got an especially big carrot for nose. Needless to say that, with that fog, it all looked gray on gray. Then I took a deep breath and spit fire upon the first carrot. There was hissing and smoke .. but then the carrot burst into a bright orange! My fire had defeated the fog. Encouraged by that success I took another deep breath and spit fire upon the second carrot, and then on the third .. and soon there were orange red lights all along the road, my emergency lighting, the snowmen!

With that the spell was broken. Soon I got help .. my namesake Jupp from the car repair shop came with his roaring and fuming car and fixed the street lights. In his haste he had completely forgotten that his car was still decorated from the recent wine festival, but that was even better: you could see and hear him already from far, as he was driving.

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