The Fiery Man of Lohrberg

Mount Lohrberg, dragon Bouffe-Bouffe
Mount Lohrberg, dragon Bouffe-Bouffe

On the Lohrberg once lived an evil man who was supervisor on a big estate. He let the people under him go hungry and cheated their wages out of them. It gave him a special pleasure to torment the peasants and most of all the children.

When Bouffe-Bouffe heard about that, he was outraged and decided to act right away. He went to the estate and took the evil man to task. But this one only laughed at him. “What do you want? Just have a look at yourself, the good food did make you sluggish, you can’t scare me with your fire spitting!” That did it for Bouffe-Bouffe. He only said “wait and see” to the evil man and “just step aside” to the children. Then he took a deep breath and spit an enormous jet of fire upon the evil man. It caught him, flung him up high into the air and carried him away, further and further until nothing was to been seen of him any more.

He never came back. According to the legend he didn’t find peace, not even in the grave .. some nights, he can be seen in the hills as a wandering, fiery man.


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