The Maiden of Löwenburg

Siebengebirge tales: The Maiden of Löwenburg
Medieval castle ruin Löwenburg

A traditional legend from the time of the crusaders, about the Maiden of Löwenburg and her fiancé. Many knights from the Rhineland were fighting in the Holy Land. Back home, their families and friends were worrying and praying for them.

The daughter of the Count of Löwenburg was in love with a young knight, who had joined the Crusades. One day, while she was waiting for his return, a wandering minstrel appeared on the Löwenburg, and brought sad news: her young fiancé had lost his life in Jerusalem.

With this news, a part of her died, too. She didn’t feel any more joy and spent the rest of her life in deep sorrow over the beloved man, until she finally died.

But her love remained eternal. Only ruins have remained of Löwenburg Castle. Yet, on quiet days, you can hear the Maiden of Löwenburg’s soft whispering, mourning for her lost love.

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