The spook from the basement

Siebengebirge tales, The Spook from the Basement
Fictional village

A new tale from the Siebengebireg about pumpkins and Halloween, Our hero is dragon Bouffe-Bouffe of Lohrberg. When you drive through the villages in autumn, you see already from far pumpkins in wonderful colors in the producers’ displays.

Some of them are decorated for Halloween because this holiday, originally an Anglo-Saxon one, is getting popular here, too.

Unfortunately, there are people who have a very strange sense of humor, and one of those almost ruined this year’s holiday. We suspect that this nasty fellow sneaked to a well attended stand and manipulated two pumpkins without being noticed. A little later the pumpkins were bought and stored in the basement of a family’s house until Halloween.

Noise in the basement

Then, one night, the inhabitants of the house were startled out of their sleep: booms and bangs came from the basement! Boldly they searched the rooms and the basements, but they did not see anything, there was no burglar, no cat on discovery tour, just coals and the two pumpkins. Finally, they went back to bed to find at least a bit of sleep.

In the following night there were booms and bangs again, and in the next but one too. Some days later, the sleep-deprived and angry people in the house did not want to hear anything about Halloween anymore. Matter closed. The children in the house did not want to accept that, they wanted to find out what was going on. However, at night the basement was too spooky, so they asked dragon Bouffe-Bouffe for help.

Dragon Bouffe-Bouffe

Late in the night, under cover of darkness, he sneaked to the house. Through the basement window he saw the pumpkins pull faces and jump up and down on the coals until they rolled around making a lot of noise … boom, bang! “Now just you wait,” Bouffe-Bouffe thought. He took a deep breath and spit fire upon the coals. They got hot, glowing hot, and the pumpkins literally sat on glowing embers. They jumped up and down, but there war no way out, Bouffe-Bouffe blocked it.

Angrily he took them to task: “You sons of a pumpkin-bitch, how could you do that to these people?” The pumpkins blushed and did not know what to answer. Then he felt a bit sorry for them. “You were misused, too, weren’t you?” he asked. The pumpkins sadly nodded, “yes, we don’t know ourselves what got into us.” “Come with me,” said Bouffe-Bouffe, “we’ll do something about it”.

The Seven Mountains witch squadron

Together they went to Bouffe-Bouffe’s on Mount Lohrberg and called for the Seven Mountains witch squadron. Promptly the witches Finchen, Minchen und Lenchen stormed over on their brooms, ready and willing to help. They flew through the air on their brooms, danced around the pumpkins and sang:

Playing dirty, you son of a bitch?
We’ll teach you to respect a witch!
For too long you’ve been a pain in the neck,
now quick, get lost and don’t come back!

The pumpkins almost went dizzy, so fast did the witches dance around them, but then they sighed deeply, “now the spell is broken.” And on Halloween you could see two pumpkins enjoy a beaming competition with the children.

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