The Treasure of Rosenau

Siebengebirge tales: The Treasure of Rosenau
At the medieval castle ruin Rosenau

The old legend of the treasure of the Rosenau comes here in a new version that includes the sassy maiden and her dragon.

At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a hotel close to the ruin of the Rosenau. It was a nice house, run by a friendly landlord, in which the guests felt welcome.

But then the landlord fell very sick. He had no children who could have taken over the hotel from him, so he was glad when he found a tenant.

A lousy landlord

However, it soon became obvious that the tenant was a lousy landlord. In reality, he was not a landlord, but a vagabond. He had heard about the legendary maiden of Rosenau, who, in days long gone by, had been cursed and sunk into the earth together with her treasure. Rumor told in sinister taverns had it that this treasure existed indeed, somewhere beneath the hotel Rosenau.

Yet, nobody had found it. Two lads from Bad Honnef had once tried it, but had come back screaming. As they say, a dragon with a fiery mouth had interfered. That could not happen to him, the alleged tenant thought, he was made of sterner stuff.

The maiden and the dragon

Every night he sneaked outside, dug holes into the earth and fooled around with explosives. Doing so, he frightened humans and animals and destroyed the environment. One night, as he set to work again, a maiden in a medieval garment appeared in front of him. It was Roshain, the maiden of Rosenau, “Say, don’t you realize that you are not getting anywhere?” she asked, “You destroy everything around here for nothing. Don’t you see that there is no treasure?” The alleged tenant threw a clod at her, “You witch, you won’t drive me insane. Just come with your dragon with the fiery mouth, I’m not leaving without the treasure.” Roshain did not move an inch, just said calmly, “I’d rather you came to your senses and left on your own accord. If not – just as well.”

After this encounter, the alleged tenant went on in an even more reckless way. Then Roshain appeared again, this time accompanied by a dragon. “You again? What do you want now?” the alleged tenant yelled at her, “you’re getting on my nerves!” “Just help you a bit,” Roshain said calmly, “look, the fuse in not well fixed.” She took the fuse and held it close to his bottom. The dragon cleared his throat, spit a bit of fire and boom!!! The alleged tenant disappeared and never came back.

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