At Froschberg

The Hermit on the Froschberg

Not so long ago, in a little town below the Seven Mountains, there lived a man who was very friendly, but also extremely pessimistic. He always feared that something might not be as it should be, and that something might go wrong. Soon everybody called him only “Flops”. Once he […]


Roland’s arch

Already from far you see Roland’s Arch above Rolandseck. He reminds us of Roland and Hildegunde, two lovers who were not blessed with a happy end. This legend takes places in the Early Middle Ages in Charlemagne’s Carolingian Empire. Charlemagne had led his army to Spain, but had no sucess […]

Mount Lohrberg, dragon Bouffe-Bouffe

The Fiery Man of Lohrberg

On the Lohrberg once lived an evil man who was supervisor on a big estate. He let the people under him go hungry and cheated their wages out of them. It gave him a special pleasure to torment the peasants and most of all the children. When Bouffe-Bouffe heard about […]

Siebengebirge tales, Sir Mauzibauz

Sir Mauzibauz

This story takes place around 1200 in the Seven Mountains. Emperor Henry IV of the Hohenstaufen dynasty had died in 1197, his son Frederick II was still a boy in distant Palermo, and in Germany two kings fought for the crown. Also in our region the local princes and dukes […]

Siebengebirge tales, The Spook from the Basement

The spook from the basement

When you drive through the villages in autumn, you see already from far pumpkins in wonderful colors in the producers’ displays. Some of them are decorated for Halloween, because this holiday, originally an Anglo-Saxon one, is getting popular here, too. Unfortunately, there are people who have a very strange sense […]

Medieval castle Rosenau

The Maiden of Rosenau

The Counts of Rosenau were members of the lower aristocracy and it was no secret that they were deeply in debt. The present Count of the Rosenau, a ruffian and lout, wanted to solve the problem by marrying into money. He courted a maiden named Roshain who would inherit great […]